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An unusual use of large size tiles


An unusual use of large size tiles


Our collections "just great" and "Great Metals" offer architects and designers a whole new dimension for working with large size tiles, at least this is what we promise on our webpage.

But do the tiles really live up to our promises? We put them to the test and implemented the following ideas in our showroom in Castellarano:

Door panels: The door structure disappears behind a single tile and thus adapts to the surrounding wall decoration. The low thickness of the material of only 6mm and the resulting reduction in weight allow for an easy opening and closing of doors. Suitable for sliding doors (due to the flat construction height ) as well as swing doors. Realized with the help of Blu Interni

Sun visors: Layed onto floor to ceiling vertical panels the tiles provide a perfect light control. The construction enables us to elegantly darken the meeting room for presentations and lectures when needed. Open it acts as an interesting room divider between exhibition and office space.

Kitchen surfaces: Here we built together with our supplier Ornatop a complete kitchen matching the colors of our tiles just great mid grey and super white. Thus we obtained a homogeneous kitchen area with surfaces that prove more resistant and easier to clean than the ones done with natural stones..

Ceiling lining: Cut into strips of different width and color mixed, the materials offer a unique ceiling construction. Unattractive light suspensions now disappear skillfully under an architecturally attractive roof.

And finally, something really extraordinary - have you ever played ping pong on a tile? We have – with our very own ping pong table made of Great Metal Zinc Titanium. Try it yourself – it is an easy way to build your very own individual ping pong table.

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